Michael’s testimony

i9Here is a powerful testimony of Michael Izotov. When he was about 17, Michael became a member of a Mafia gang. He got comparatively wealthy, bought a new car and thought that all world was at his disposal. Then he started to mess about easy drugs which finally led him to injections. Several years went by and Michael lost all his money, all friends, sold his car… One day he took a TV set from his parent’s home and sold it for drugs. His father abandoned him and finally young men came to a decision that the only way out is to kill himself.
Twice he made an intentional overdoses. After the second one he spend 3 days at the intensive care department of the hospital and his life was saved, however he was even more committed to a suicide. One day he made his farewells, went to the bathroom and cut his veins. His parents felt that something was very wrong and broke into the bathroom just before man lost consciousness. God spared his life once again. At last Michael decided to through himself from the 22-nd floor so that no one would stop him from leaving drugs and this world. At this time he was invited to a Rehab center. His mother was always against any evangelicals because she believed the Orthodox church propaganda about dangerous cults, but this time she even encouraged her son to go because she knew- this was his last chance, last straw…

God is good! The very first day Michael visited a church, he was dramatically saved and delivered from drug addiction. Now he has finished his rehabilitation program and became a leader of the Rehab Center in Dmitrov city (50 km north of Moscow). He is married and has two healthy kids! Praise the Lord, who has found him on the very edge…

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